Experiential Marketing

Experiential, or "event marketing," is a strategy that directly engages consumers at the ground level and encourages them to participate in the evolution of a brand.

Ryan has led activations for Celebrity Cruises as well as Toyota Financial Services. Events have ranged from as few as 15 guests to over 8,500, such as with the four-day activation at Sin City Shootout in Las Vegas. When planning an experiential marketing activation, a few questions Ryan asks to get started:

  • How does a company look beyond its included sponsor benefits and engage with event attendees in an impactful, meaningful way?
  • How does a company use digital marketing to reach even further than those physically present at an event?
  • How can a company generate strong positive sentiment at an event?
  • How can social media be utilized to transform event attendees from being merely guests, to being strong brand ambassadors who will share content with their peers and followers?

Take a look at Ryan's EVENT EXPERIENCE portfolio for some examples of activations he's led.

Market Research

Ryan created and distributed a survey using Google Docs to research how Millennials travel.

How do YOU vacation? If you were born between 1981 and 1997, take this super short survey on what's important to you when traveling, and be entered to win one of (5) $25 VISA gift cards! 

Presentation Deck

Ryan designed this presentation to lead a conversation with the Celebrity Cruises team. The goal was to create a "Lexicon" to translate the somewhat confusing cruising vocabulary and present the consumer with relatable experiences.