Client Luncheon for Celebrity Cruises

As the sales and event specialist for Celebrity Cruises, I coordinated the production of a luncheon for select travel partners. Members of top leadership at Celebrity invited guests to be part of the new "Grass Is Greener" initiative.

Goal: To provide travel partners with a luncheon that showcased "modern luxury" with a touch of whimsy, a unique mid-day escape that was in brand and representative of the Grass Is Greener campaign. Make guests feel comfortable and know that the Celebrity team was here to help them with their individual needs. 

Audience: Approx. 50 travel partners + 10 members of top leadership from Celebrity Cruises.

Services Provided:

  • Venue scouting and layout design; vendor research and negotiation (photo booth company).
  • Production of print materials (tent signage along pathway).
  • Ordering and packaging of collateral materials for guest gift bags.
  • Creating the Run of Show; leading conference calls with the local team, PR team, social media team, and photographer.
  • Shooting and editing to produce a 30-second event summary video, easily sharable on social media.

Outcome: The feedback from travel partners was phenomenal. They felt like they left their busy day-to-day routine to step into a whimsical, elegant picnic. The brand was well-represented and ensured travel partners that management was with them every step of the way as the Grass Is Greener campaign launched.