Toyota's Corporate Sponsorship of AIDS/LifeCycle

AIDS/LifeCycle is a fully supported, 7-day bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to raise money and awareness in the fight against HIV/AIDS. It is produced by and benefits the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Los Angeles LGBT Center. In its second year as a sponsor, Toyota provided 50 brand new vehicles for AIDS/LifeCycle medical, media, safety, production crew, and executives to use along the 545-mile route.

In addition to managing the logistics of this in-kind sponsorship valued at $30,000, I was tasked with event activations at Orientation Day and at Camps throughout the week. The goal was to keep Toyota top-of-mind by engaging with participants directly, to spread the word via social media, and to provide helpful, memorable takeaways that would increase the overall value of Toyota’s partnership.


  • To build brand awareness.
  • To establish tangible recognition of our commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  • To create awareness of the safety and eco-friendliness of our vehicles.
  • To sell at least (6) Toyota vehicles because of this sponsorship.


Over 3,000 AIDS/LifeCycle participants. This includes riders, Roadies (volunteers along the route), donors, and supporters.

Services Provided:

Collateral Development

  • Wraps for rear windows on 50 Toyota vehicles.
  • Stickers for vehicle identification that kept consistency with brand.
  • Branded canopy and promotional flag specific to #LoveDrives.
  • Branded stickers for Sport Beans jelly beans.
  • Custom overlay for FotoZap app as part of #LoveDrives social media.
  • Custom $500 bonus cash voucher toward a new Prius Liftback.
  • Copy and ad to appear in the "Daily Spin," AIDS/LifeCycle's daily newspaper.
  • Reminder and roadside assistance contact cards placed on dash inside all 50 vehicles.
  • "How to Drive a Prius" tip sheet placed inside all Prius vehicles.

On-Site Event Activation & Social Media

  • Pre-Ride Soiree Events: Participants in the San Francisco region and the LA region were invited to soirees in their city. Toyota was notably thanked with stage mentions at both.
  • Orientation Day: Centrally  located at the exit of participant registration, Toyota’s event activation included a 10’ canopy and #LoveDrives promotional flag; Instagram printer for print-outs that could be customized with Sharpies; passing out vouchers and Sport Beans; #LoveDrives social media photo activation with iPads. Four Prius vehicles were centrally placed on display in the arena inside Cow Palace.
  • Camps During the Week: Canopy and #LoveDrives promotional flag; Instagram printer for print-outs that could be customized with Sharpies; passing out vouchers and Sport Beans; #LoveDrives social media photo activation with iPads.
  • Rest Areas and Scenic Points Along the Route: Passing out Sport Beans; #LoveDrives social media photo activation with iPad.


It’s so amazing to have corporate partners like Toyota sponsoring and participating in AIDS/LifeCycle! To see a major brand like Toyota on the ride for all seven days of ALC proved to me their commitment to the fight against HIV/AIDS and to our community as a whole.
— Michael Beck, Cyclist
As a Toyota driver, I already believed in the brand. But seeing them sponsor AIDS/LifeCycle made me a lifelong customer. Having a representative like Ryan there the entire week was not only uplifting because of his welcoming and accepting attitude, but also made me think about Toyota’s commitment to the LGBT community differently. It makes me proud to drive a Yaris knowing that Toyota is so willing to help a group that’s dear to my heart.
— Matthew Krumpe, Cyclist

Social Media


  • 317% growth in #LoveDrives tweets from June 1 - 15, 2016
  • Potential reach of 660,000 from June 1 - 15, 2016.


  • Potential impressions: 58,723.
  • Over 200 #LoveDrives Instagram posts during AIDS/LifeCycle.

FotoZap App on iPads:

  • Over 300 photos and GIFs captured with FotoZap app.
  • 857 unique visitors to photo sharing website.
  • Top photo page (single photo shared by one participant) received 95 views.